365 Frankendael day 208

A really beautiful autumn day today. I’ve been finding lots of young Garlic mustard plants around here. Their first leaves are kidney shaped, not completely unlike violets or the family which Fuki belongs to. The vein structure makes them easy to identify though.


Here is none of the above and one which i keep looking at and considering toxic. It is a type of campanula and very pretty too. I’ve just been looking up the family of ornamental plants and apparently many members are edible and quite tasty. Here’s a link about them. I want to find out a lot more before trying a leaf or two.


Here’s a toxic plant that has come up before on this blog, it’s everywhere in town at present, probably encouraged to thrive by it’s beguiling flowers and seedheads. This is nightshade family member, Shoofly or Apple of Peru, Nicandra physalodes.



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