365 Frankendael day 143

Today, more Rose hip harvesting. Without trying to sound corny, this really does seem to be a good year for the roses! I’m making the most of it by topping up my Rose hip honey infusion jar.


There are lots of Rose shrubs with green or very pale yellow orange hips at the moment. This shows that the Rose hip season should be around for a while yet.

I’m setting up a jar of Hawthorn berry elixir today, so also picked some more of those heart warming and toning berries to add to the mix.


To make an elixir, which is simply a preserve made of herbs in some sort of alcohol and sugar, all you need do is the following:

1. Place enough berries (clean, ripe and dry) to fill your jar, into a bowl. 2. Pour over enough honey so that,  with a little stirring, every berry can be coated in sweet goodness.

3. Now pour that sticky berry-honey mix into your sterile glass jam jar.
4. Put your chosen strong alcoholic spirit, Brandy and Vodka being the classic choices, into the jar.
5. Poke around a little, with a chop stick or clean knitting needle, to dislodge any trapped air bubbles. Make sure it’s filled right to the top of the jar.

6. Leave to sit and infuse, with a tight fitting lid on, in a quiet spot and out of direct sunlight, at room temperature, for about 6 Weeks, or as long as you can bear to wait.


7. When it comes to maturity, you simply take off a teaspoon of tasty elixir at a time and slurp it down, or you may like to strain off the berries (save and use them for fabulous desert topings although the stones need to be removed before eating) and store the elixir in a suitable sterile bottle (e.g. a used flip top Grolsch bottle or similar, is perfect).

Hawthorn is a renowned heart tonic.


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