365 Frankendael day 173

Today I noticed lots of Wild carrot seed heads (Daucus carota). Be careful to identify them directly as there are so many similar (but poisonous) plants in the family.


Also this lovely plant with white paint like markings. As other more familiar plants begin to die back it’s time to look this one up. It has yellow flowers earlier in the year. Must look up the name…


Also beautiful clumps of Russian Comfrey (Symphytum uplandicum x), still thriving, still sending energy reserves into it’s roots to help it through the winter.



1 thought on “365 Frankendael day 173

  1. I am away a couple of days and your posts have sprouted like weeds in my veggie garden :)I am trying to get Daucus carota to grow in our garden and know that its very hardy but it refuses to grow! I think the chooks (hens) might be eating my seed. I am racing about trying to plant as many ground covers as I can in the garden on the exposed soil from our recent garden work to ensure the minimum of watering in our rapidly approaching summer. I even resorted to using the bark from Steve’s recent monumental pile of chopped wood futures to scatter over the soil to retain moisture. I might even let the weeds keep growing to help me. So long as I remove the seed heads I should hopefully be able to contain them. I have lots of Rubus parvifolius (Australian native raspberries) growing all over the place that I am going to grow as climbers. They are much smaller than regular raspberries and seem to do really well here. The fruit is incredibly sweet and tiny and is usually eaten by the birds before it can be collected. Off to see your other 10 posts! 🙂


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