365 Frankendael day 174

Today Elodie and I found mushrooms, hazelnuts, flowering Meadowsweet, Tansy and other lovely autumn treats as we walked beside a local canal. We forgot our cameras which was actually quite a pleasure!


I did take this photo earlier, of a beautiful and still green Elder (Sambucus nigra) growing in park Frankendael. I’ve a mind to harvest some leaves to dry and use in ointments over the winter – if the Elder spirit has a mind to let me – but then again, there will be very few days when it’s impossible to find a few fresh green Elder leaves, even in the coldest months.


1 thought on “365 Frankendael day 174

  1. I have been stratifying hazelnuts to grow here on Serendipity Farm. I have several growing along with walnuts. It’s still a novelty to read that these exotics (here in Australia) are natives somewhere else and that you can head out and forage for them! Here we have to suruptitiously lean over someones fence to even sample an elderberry 😉


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