365 Frankendael day 203

Today a couple of useful pavement garden herbs:

Firstly, Rue (Ruta graveolens), useful in tiny amounts to help break down heavy meals, when cooked along with the food and a renowned witches herb (especially the Italian witches who favour jewellery, shaped like Rue leaves). Rue has many uses, due mainly to the volatile oils it produces. It should be treated with respect, both when handling the plant and when considering eating it. It is a very potent herb.


Next up today is Rose (Rosa sp.). A you can see, some Rose shrubs are still in bloom in Amsterdam. That means a few fresh petals can still be found to throw into ginger, cardamon and rose petal honey. Yum! Only select unsprayed roses from healthy plants, growing in clean spots.



1 thought on “365 Frankendael day 203

  1. Our roses are just starting to flower and the possums only like the leaves so your idea of flavoured honey is talking to me šŸ™‚


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