365 Frankendael day 204


Been preparing for Monday’s apprenticeship meeting and almost forgot to write today’s post…

Here’s a delicious and stimulating Rosemary (Rosemary officinalis) bush which resides beneath my apartment in a bone dry  geveltuin. One of the most well known culinary herbs, Rosemary is also very medicinal. It makes an easy herb oil, useful for rubbing on sore muscles or congested chests. It is known as a remedy for indigestion, some scalp ailments and when you brush past the plant it’s obvious that it can clear the sinuses and enliven the senses. Here’s a useful link to lots of information about Rosemary, including it’s drug interactions.

Now is the time to seek out healthy evergreen urban herbs, in readiness for the coldest months when foragers need to


1 thought on “365 Frankendael day 204

  1. I can attest to rosemary’s happiness to live in dry conditions. Our rosemaries are growing in bone dry soil and have been doing so for years. I love using rosemary in bread and pesto and with anything roasted.


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