365 Frankendael day 218

Black Nightshade (Solanum nigrum) today. The pretty tomato like fruits and white/yellow flowers, give them away at this time of year. They are toxic.


Historic uses of this annual plant include being mixed with horehound and wine for dropsy, the juice or poultice for burns, skin ulcers, pain relief and earache. The berries will certainly harm children and sometimes adults. The toxicity of the plant varies between seasons.

You’ll be able to find many Black Nightshade plants in Amsterdam pavement gardens and plant pots, at this time of year.


1 thought on “365 Frankendael day 218

  1. We call them deadly nightshade here in Australia and they are in equal proportion to the black nightshade that is edible. Over here in Tasmania we only have black nightshade that in small proportions is entirely edible and can be used to make jam


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