365 Frankendael day 219


With today’s stormy weather I didn’t feel like taking my little girl to the park and I then forgot to take myself there at all! So rather than a street or park photo, here is one of an Elder (Sambucus niger) cutting which lives on my balcony. All of the Elder babies (made from cuttings in the early summer) continue to do well. I decided not to repot mine, just before the colder weather set in, in case it was too much for them to handle. So I continue to cross my fingers that they will fair well over the winter in fairly small pots. If you have Elder cuttings be aware that they don’t like soggy feet (let them drain freely to avoid roots rotting or freezing) and they should survive whatever the Dutch winter throws at them, if in a sheltered outdoor location.

There are plenty of Elder trees/shrubs in city woodland/hedge settings, still with enough green, leaves on to harvest a few for ointments of needed. Elder never ceases to astonish me!


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