365 Frankendael day 220

I took a walk around my block today, with Katja and Dennis, looking for various edible plants. We found plenty of Chickweed, young Garlic Mustard, Barbara mustard, Shepherds purse, Hollyhock, Wormwood and other useful plants, even if you wouldn’t fancy picking them, given the roadside locations.

Here is Wormwood:


And here is a nice amount of Wild Rocket seed, collected from the park at the weekend, now nicely dried out in a canvas bag and ready to save or sew.



1 thought on “365 Frankendael day 220

  1. My rocket is growing well in our late spring weather and I have to source some wormwood to plant on Serendipity Farm because its such a great all rounder and is incredibly drought hardy as well.


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