365 Frankendael day 285

Today feels like spring has ready arrived. It’s been about 14°C, odd considering we’ve had -5°C and heaps of snow just a couple of days ago. How many plants will react to these yo-yo temperatures is anyone’s guess.

How tasty, vitamin and mineral rich Chickweed reacts is more predicable. Here is a little patch of Stellaria media in an otherwise barren looking tree pit. It looks pretty perky to me and quite unperturbed by the weather.


And here’s a miniature Dandelion plant in a crack between a building and pavement.


1 thought on “365 Frankendael day 285

  1. We have a lovely green patch of dandelions in the corner of our garden but you certainly couldn’t get me to eat them for quids as I KNOW what the dogs have been doing over there ;)… I go further afield for my dandelions 🙂


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