365 Frankendael day 284


When I took this photo I thought it was a Speedwell, probably ivy leaved speedwell. A pretty, edible and apparently versatile little plant which has been used over the years for many things including to cleanse the blood, to ease itchiness, even thrown into a chicken broth to help fight cancer. Certainly interesting! I like to eat different Speedwell species in salads sometimes, the little blue flowers are an easy way to get to know the plant on your plate.

Here’s a nice link about Speedwells (botanical info) and another about more recent uses and applications for this abundant herb genus.

However this “Speedwell” does not have flowers and the way it grows is is different to the speedwells I am familiar with. Looking closer at the plant it seems it could alternatively be the more succulent (and also edible) Pennywort. I must have a better look later this week. With flowers it would be very simple to tell the difference. Must take my vegetative key along with me on Thursday…


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