Pick your lunch! 10th April 2013

Fancy a wild herb walk in a beautiful part of Amsterdam Oost?

Join me for a herbal forage in my main stamping ground, Park Frankendael. We can expect to find such tasty treats as Garlic mustard, Ground elder, Nettle, Mugwort, Coltsfoot, Wild garlic and far far far more! I’ll show you how to identify common edible plants, how to use them and some useful tricks to help preserve them.

Bring along whatever you like to accompany your harvest. A flask of hot water to make tea and some bread and butter may be useful. I’ll bring some herbal cake or breadsticks to share.

I’ve been photographing and charting the wild edibles in this park on my blog for quite some time, so you can get an idea of what we may find on the walk.

Come celebrate the green edible gifts that this beautiful city has to offer!!

Wednesday 10th April,
Main old gates, Park Frankendael

€10 per person
(incl. comprehensive colour handout).
Please contact me to sign up for the walk.


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