365 Frankendael day 356

What a beautiful colour this plant is! It’s a type of Sow Thistle and here it is growing against a house on the Middenweg. It’s an edible plant but very bitter.


Also today, my favourite clump of edible and medicinal Hollyhock (Alcea rosae). It’s nice to watch one plant change through the year, a lot can be learned that way, little by little. I’ve enjoyed charting the progress of this one.


And lastly a quick photo of my close to home treepit/boomspeigel, with it’s springtime look. No herbs for the pot, it’s far too accessible to dogs and cats, but very useful to me and local insects none the less.


In the pit you may be able to spot Wormwood, Primrose, Pansy, Wild garlic, Ivy, Curry plant, Chickweed, Lemonbalm, Grape hyacinth. All are edible (in the right spot) and medicinal.


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