Herbal Moon Gardens

Last month, I asked my apprentices to think about planting a herbal moon garden, in whatever space they can find. I finally got around to making my own last night.

The idea of a moon garden, for me at least, is to welcome the moonlight into a peaceful outdoor space. Moon gardens catch the moonlight with plants and reflective objects. They are spaces to meditate or just sit at night whilst able to see and smell beautiful herbs. I like to know where the Moon is in its monthly cycle and creating a space to contemplate the moon is a good way to keep that connection. Here’s a link to previous UH information about gardening by the moon.

Most gardens are planted with daylight in mind, this is of course understandable. I still needed to consider the amount of sunlight in my chosen location but when selecting plants, I looked for colours that linger as the sun goes down. Silver and white flowers and foliage are generally the last ones you will see as the sun sets completely. Blues and violets are the next colours to fade and are associated with spirituality and intuition.

Choose somewhere safe and accessible to you at night and where plants will grow! Preferably select someplace where you can see the moon as it charts its path across the sky. This is not always possible of course. Try your best for a moon view but above all aim for somewhere that is relaxing in the evening and nighttime. I chose the sheltered upstairs balcony of my home. I can always get to it, plants grow there, it often provides a glimpse of the moon and is a little further away from barbecuing neighbours and signs of active daily life. My balcony gets some sun but faces North-East. It becomes quite windy up there, especially in the winter so I’ll try to provide extra protection for the plants as the year moves on. All of my plants are in pots, due to my home being an above ground apartment, so I must also be able to water and feed the plants.

Moon Garden Herbs
I tried to find herbs with silvery leaves as well as white, purple or violet coloured flowers. But my main aim was for a succession of flowers and of course I wanted only edible and medicinal plants. The herbs I chose should provide a succession of colour from March to September. Later in the year, I’ll see how the plants have managed, will move some away and add others to fill gaps in the flowering year.

Crystals, Light, Shapes
I have added a few crystals to the balcony, to catch the moon light. Also a couple of pretty candle holders to produce extra light when I want it. The shapes I have added remind me of the moon. So far I have a woven willow ball, a little star decoration, some amethyst and quartz crystals. I’ll add more as time goes on but for now I am pleased to have created an edible and medicinal herbal moon garden which I enjoy glimpsing during the day and sitting in at the night.

Now I know that not all of you will be limited to creating a moon garden in a pot, balcony or other small space. I also know that you may be far more creative than me! So he are a few links which may inspire you to get out your gardening tools and get planting a moon garden…

Images of moon gardens
Plants that give scent at night
Moon garden herbs


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