Pluck Your Lunch in Westerpark!

Please join me for an urban herb foraging walk in Westerpark

Westerpark (exact meeting point to be arranged)magnolia westerpark liberation day 2013
Sunday 26th May 2013
11:00 – 13:00
€10 per person (children free and very welcome)
Booking via email ( or this link
You will learn how to:

  • Ethically and safely forage from city parks, streets and green spaces
  • Identify lots of edible and medicinal plants which are available all over the city.
  • Turn your harvest into tasty food
  • Make simple home remedies
  • Pay back the land that we forager from


We will ethically forage some of the plants that we find and turn them into tasty and nutritious teas and sandwich fillings and more, on the spot.  I am passionate about helping people to discover the edible plants growing around them. My 365 ended a few weeks ago – identifying, photographing and writing about Amsterdam herbs each day for a year.

Please note: You don’t have to eat from the wild on this walk but you certainly can if you want to!

We can expect to find such tasty, useful treats as:Mayday Hawthorn  2012
Lime leaves, Hawthorn flowers,
Garlic mustard, Comfrey,
Ground Elder, Dandelion,
Nettle, Magnolia petals,
Mugwort, Self heal,
Edible tree buds and far far more.
There are hundreds of edible plants around at this time of year.

You will receive a useful colour handout with names, photos, uses and folklore of many of the plants we will find on the walk.
I’ll bring along some herbal cake or breadsticks for everyone to try.

russian comfrey frankendael

You don’t need to bring anything along to the walk but if you want to get the most out of it, here are some suggestions:

  • Bring along whatever food you like to accompany your herbal harvest.
  • A flask of hot water to make tea and some bread and butter would be useful but not essential.
  • A couple of paper bags to take some leaves and flowers home
  • A small glass jar filled with vodka, to make a tincture – I’ll show you how.
  • A small jar filled with olive oil to set up a herbal infusion.
  • Small notebook, to take a few personal notes and press some leaves, to help you find the plants another time.

Come celebrate the edible green gifts that this beautiful city has to offer!





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