Herbal Ferments Circle – Meeting 2

Blackthorn Sloes Amsterdam

July saw the first Herbal Ferments Circle at Brouwerij t’Ij. A hearty group of us gathered on a sunny evening to swap stories, taste Meade, exchange Kombucha SCOBYs, herb plants, talk tempeh technique and generally have a good time.

Those summer evenings are gone but there is fruit on the local trees and the weather is getting witchy! This is a great time to brew interesting concoctions so I feel that another fermentation meeting is due. I’m thinking of a gathering on the evening of Thursday 31st October. But where should we meet?

Today, I finally emailed the distillery in Flevopark, to see if they could welcome us this autumn. But I fear we may have to wait until spring for that venue. So can you suggest another easy to reach Amsterdam venue? And would you like to join us? Restaurant Merkelbach is a favourite haunt of mine. It is on the edge of the Frankendael woods, so weather permitting we could also take a stroll in there and have a drink and chat in Merkelbach.

Please let me know what you think and your venue suggestions through the comments box here, via the Facebook group or by emailing me (lynn.shore@gmail.com). Please do the same if you would like to join the herbal ferments circle.


2 thoughts on “Herbal Ferments Circle – Meeting 2

    1. Looks good Youko. I know that place – on Alexanderplein, very easy to get to. No park/wood next door but last time we just stayed put and enjoyed the drinks and converstaion anyway. Good idea.


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