April – May Herbs in Amsterdam

April and May are very busy and green months!

Frankendael orchards path laying

There were two very pleasant public herb walks in April. Thanks to everyone who came along. It was so wonderful to meet you!

Teasel Frankendael

The Frankendael Park orchard project began. River of Herbs is gradually transforming the four old orchards behind Restaurant Merkelbach into shady community herb gardens. If you’d like to get involved then find us there one Wednesday morning (we’ll set regular work dates and times very soon) or email lynn@riverofherbs.org.

River of Herbs path laying with Aurel.Tayfun. Aveen

I led a large group of town planning students from Lund University in Sweden through Oud Zuid at the start of May. A pleasure to share some urban herb ideas with such enthusiastic and progressive people who are in a great position to make a difference.

Winter Purslane Oud Zuid

A friendly Earth loving group called the Dandelion and Burdock Coven, was launched with my like minded friend Iris de Voogd.

Maypole Hawthorn Dandelion and Burdock Coven

To end the verdant month of May I am offering one more Urban Herbology guided walk through Park Frankendael, in the morning on Monday 26th May. If you would like to sign up for it then please email me via lynn.shore@gmail.com.

Horsechestnut flower

Elderflower is opening up all over town right now so be ready when you find it, to make Elderflower honey, dried flowers for tea (simply dry and store them in a paper bag), Elderflower delight and far more wonderful treats!

Elderflower Delight



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