Marlies’ Winter Wonder Honey

Ayurvedic winter remedy


Here at last is a quick recipe for Marlies van Wisselingh’s too simple to be true,  teacher’s throat saving, cold and fever beating Ayurveda remedy – passed to her from a very helpful Indian man some years ago, in India. Her husband Bob is a volunteer with the River of Herbs and has been enthusiastically telling us all about this mysterious potion for ages!

I’ll try to place more detailed instructions on here at some point but until then…

Into a sterile 250ml canning jar sterile (e.g. Fido, Blokker €3),  slice 2 organic lemons (peel and pips stay),  peel and slice a huge piece organic ginger (12cm?) into the pot and  add 2 teaspoons organic Turmeric powder. It is useful to alternate layers of lemon and ginger as you build up the contents of the jar. Then gently pour on runny honey. Use a chopstick to release air as you pour. Fill it to brim! Lid on. Refridgerate – leave to infuse for 3 months ideally, before sampling the concoction. Then due to the high water content (lemon and ginger juice) it is probably advisable to consume within a year. However, if you notice an unpleasant odour, bubbling (in a fizzy ferment type way), mould or anything else before that time then you should not consume it as a winter remedy. If mine begins to ferment I will gladly turn it into a bottle of mead.

This wierdly becomes a marmalade-y type concoction which appears to knock the socks off many brewing winter bugs. Have been using it on and off since September and am very impressed. Thank you Marlies!

Marlies takes it in a warm cup of water when needed. I have been using it straight from the pot, one teaspoon per dose.

Do let us know what you think of this simple Ayurvedic remedy.

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