Sap is rising

Sunlight grows stronger. Spring’s first stirrings can be felt as rising sap, throbbing through the land. Blackthorn blooms, Ramsons emerge, lambing season begins, trees bud and Birch blood begins to flow. Life quietly builds in the cold fresh light.

Now is the perfect time to refresh our internal and external environments. Dust off the cobwebs, take stock of your chattels, diet and health. Gracefully shed what no longer serves and clear space for nourishing growth. The steady, building energy of Imbolc helps new projects and good intentions to manifest. A time of strong beginnings.

Tidy up potted herbs: Dead leaves and seed heads are valued by birds and bugs but make some space for fresh green foliage to emerge.  Welcome green life back to your world.

At Imbolc, try to walk barefoot in nature. Smell the rising sap and feel it throb beneath your soles. Visit local water sources; babbling brooks, wells, springs, ponds. Light fires and welcome the return of heat.

Spring greens

Aim to eat nourishing local greens daily, at least until spring equinox. Cook them or enjoy clean and raw in smoothies, juices and salads. Stinging Nettle, Cleavers, Chickweed, Bramble leaf, Birch twigs, Hairy bittercress and Ramsons are wonderful spring beauties. Nibble as you walk and harvest just a little. If you can’t forage them, purchase local greens from organic markets.

Enrich your soups with Bittercress & Chickweed leaves. Float fresh, organic Pansies or Violets atop. Bathe your cells in spring green nourishment. Taste your land!



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