Day 1- UH foraging challenge

My 30 day foraging challenge is underway and already I’ve received lots of lovely photos from people who have signed up for the challenge in the Netherlands,  Northern Ireland and England. Am looking forward to receiving more!

Burdock, daisy,  wild garlic,  chickweed, hawthorn leaf,  dandelion, cherry blossom,  garlic mustard,  ground elder,  rose leaf,  mugwort, honeysuckle, red valerian,  rosemary, violet and far more have been found. Also a couple of poisonous plants (dog’s mercury and cow parsley) – equally important to know about!


My harvest of the day: three Japanese rose buds and young leaves, collected en route home after a swimming lesson. I’ll add them to my tea mix when dry.

As promised here are links to:

Dandelion and burdock honey

red valerian

And here’s a photo of poisonous Dog’s mercury.


If you would like to join my 30 day challenge, it’s not too late! Simply send me a message and I’ll begin sending you an email a day and answering your questions.

Happy foraging!



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