Day 2 – UH foraging challenge

Fleabane. Photo credit: Peter Warnock.

So it’s day 2 and the photos are now flooding in from my challengers. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!

They have been finding hog weed, ramsons,  old beech nuts, violets,  yellow dead nettle,  poisonous euphorbia, strawberry,  dandelion,  dock,  wood sorrel, elderflower and the list goes on and on and on! So many plants to find and ways to use them.

My favourite challenger-find of the day was from Peter in Northern Ireland.  He’s been finding Fleabane running wild in the streets of hours home town!  I’ve no experience of this plant but he tells me that it has a high choline content which can provide a great boost for the memory and can be very helpful to those who are involved with dreamwork. The Latin name is Conyza canadensis. Peter has also noticed that some of the dogs seek it out for a nibble, perhaps using the plant keep themselves free of parasites such as fleas. Fabulous! I want to find some tomorrow! Not that I have fleas or anything but I am very intrigued.

My favourite personal find of the day was this little Wormwood seedling, toughing it out in a pavement crank opposite my house. What a beauty! We have a vigorous pavement clearing council here in Amsterdam oost and this plant may not survive much longer in that spot so I have rehomed it on my balcony…

Artemisia absinthum.
Artemisia absinthum.

Happy foraging challengers. See you again tomorrow ☺



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