Day 23 UH foraging challenge


Dear foragers,

Welcome to day 23! Not long to go now and new plants showing their faces at every turn. May is my favourite time for gardening and foraging but of course, both are possible right through the year.
A sure sign of May is the Hawthorn in flower. It has so much to offer at this time with its nourishing leaves & flowers.  I’d like you to think of plants which offer their bounty at different times of year.  It’s good to have an idea of what is available to eat during each month. It’s sensible to know what can be plucked through the coldest days and the hottest days (if you really need to harvest then). Often these plants can be used as natural remedies for seasonal ailments such as persistent coughs of spring, dry wind burned skin of autumn.
Today’s meditation: How can I learn 12 plants over the coming year – month by month adding another to my memory bank?
Today’s mantra:  There is a seasonal remedy for every seasonal ailment.
I’m off to enjoy the sunshine now. I hope you’ll have a chance for that too.
More tomorrow,
Lynn x

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