Day 24 UH foraging challenge

Photo credit Dana Marin
Photo credit Dana Marin

The sweet smell of Japanese roses (Rosa rugosa) now fills the air in parts of Amsterdam, as Dana has found today.

These are near prefect urban herbs with edible leaves, strongly scented edible flowers and enormous soft hips set on rugged protective shrubs – a dream for forward thinking landscape architects!
The problems I find with them are 1. the time consuming need to hard prune each autumn and 2. that the landscapers mostly set them close to busy roads!
If you do find them growing in their thousands at relatively clean locations,  consider if you could harvest just a few flowers to set up a honey infusion or something else of help your family and freinds.

Photo credit Elodie den Otter
Photo credit Elodie den Otter
Also today,  delicious dandelions from Elodie!  What a welcome addition to a meal these leaves and flowers offer! If you can find them in a clean location simply enjoy.

Today’s meditation: If I (you!) were a city planner, what would grow where in my home town?
Today’s mantra: Wake up and smell the roses!
Suggested reading: (and it’s much simpler with Japanese rosehips)
Happy hunting!

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