Day 25 UH foraging challenge

Euphorbia (NL:Wolfsmelk). Poisonous!

Dear forager,

Have may you noticed how the plants are growing a mile a minute at the moment?  When I walked in Park Frankendael yesterday,  I entered a space that I haven’t visited for over a week. I was amazed by how tall the woodland geraniums have grown. Their flower heads are building fast as the plant energies move upward and the plants prepare for their most fertile phase.
We are entering the peak time for harvesting herbs. The moments before a herb flowers are often its most potent. Some herbs are already flowering and you have sent me gorgeous photos of many of these. But most herbs will flower throughout June and July. At midsummer I will be out with my pocket sized scissors,  paper bags,  hip flask of brandy and clean jam jars – ready to harvest and craft herbs at the moment I fond them at their peak. I will harvest some flower spikes before they have a chance to offer their wears to the bees and butterflies.  But I will also nurture those plants throughout the year and will only harvest what I need, whilst leaving most to bloom.

lady's mantle

Do you have your heart set on harvesting a particular herb and crafting it this summer?  If so,  find out the peak power time of that plant and plan to find it then.

Today’s meditation: How are the plants around you changing right now?
Today’s mantra: I am awake and aware of the life around me.
(PS – if you are one of my apprentices,  there are two gathering days coming up.  First one is Friday 2nd June).

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