Day 30 UH 30 day foraging challenge

Well, we have reached the end of the Urban Herbology 30 day Foraging Challenge! Thank you for your support through messages and photos. They certainly kept me going and I hope that my posts kept you thinking a little about the topic too.
We’ve seen lots of wonderful plants over the past month. Lots has changed such as cherry trees blooming and fading,  hawthorn flowers slowly developing haws, garlic mustard, cleavers and nettles reaching ever upward as tree canopies have greened. Lime leaves are now ready to eat in place of lettuce and hollyhocks will soon be in flower…  I hope that you have been able to sense some of those changes and many others.
Yesterday was my second community gardening session at Tuin van Darwin. I now feel connected with that beautiful place and hope you will come and visit sometime.  It is very special.

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