Elderflower time

This morning, I led a small group walk around Park Frankendael and one of the adjoining streets. There are so many edible and medicinal plants growing here at the moment, it’s a real delight to see!
A few of the plants which we found were Mugwort,  Elderflower,  Hedge woundwort, Valerian, Indian strawberry, Daisy,  Yarrow, Lime, Origano, Horsetail, Marshmallow, Comfrey, Sweet cicely, Catnip, Skullcap and Tansy.

Upon returning home from the walk, I’ve laid aromatic Tansy stems under my doormat (against basement odours and summer bugs), hung Meadowsweet stems to dry for a tummy soothing tea and drizzled Elderflower honey over chestnut, humus and cucumber crackers. Wild garlic seed heads are infusing in olive oil and a jar of Icelandic Fjällagras & Mallow flowers graces my kitchen.  In other words – Life is good!

Heart felt thanks to Jurtina from Reykjavik for reaching out to me last week and asking for the walk. It was a pleasure to walk with you,  Aline and the girls!




1 thought on “Elderflower time

  1. Hi Lynn,

    What a harvest, yes, indeed ! I’m interested to see how many medicinal plants you found, and especially three that I am culturing at the moment, at the other end of the world, for the purpose of managing my anxiety and mood disorders ! The pharmaceutical drugs are so expensive, toxic and mind numbing. The plants of which I’ve ordered seed are Valerian, Catnip and Skullcap. If any of your readers have used these herbs in the context I mention I would dearly love their feedback

    kindest regards


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