Herb Walk

I went for a walk and forage in the Orchards of Park Frankendael this morning and made some recordings for you. Next time, I will hold my phone the other way so that it records a wider frame but for now, I hope that you can at least enjoy some of the blossoms and bees!

So there we have it, about 30 minutes of my ramblings in the orchards. We saw quite a few plants today but there are hundreds more to find. Let me know what you would like to see next time!


2 thoughts on “Herb Walk

  1. Thank you Lynn. I love your herb walks, especially at the moment when we are isolating. They are so informative and uplifting. I have some valerian in my garden in Bristol so will try a small leaf on top of my hot chocolate this evening 🌻

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  2. Lovely, uplifting and yet relaxing orchard videos Lynn . Thankyou . So much to see in that beautiful place . Well done to you and all the team . Hope it isn’t too long before we can enjoy a walk through it .

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