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365 Frankendael day 124

A few more photographs taken this week by Joop Eisenberger…

Red clover:

Nasturtium climbing out of the garden surrounding Restaurant de Kas – and they do taste good!

Meisjesogen, Coreopsis making a dramatic display at the moment in a wild flower meadow within Frankendael.

Here’s a fresh sprig of Elderflower, not much of this around at present because most Elder shrubs are busy ripening their berries. It is said to be bad luck to have fruit and flowers on a shrub or tree at the same time. To me it seems quite fortuitous as you can make Elderberry syrup and Elderflower delight in the same week!

365 Frankendael day 123

Thank you Dennis Breedijk for this tasty photo of Raspberry (Rubus ideaus) growing in a bush near Amsterdam. Apart from being a mighty fine fruit shrub, Raspberry leaves remain a well known and often used remedy during some stages of pregnancy. They are said to specifically tone the uterus and help prepare it’s muscles for childbirth.

Here is a lovely closeup of the flowering part of Common Hemp Nettle (Galeobdolon tetrahit).

Some more information about it on day 107. thank you Joop Eisenberger for this photo. I’m finding a pink flowering version of this plant on holiday, at the moment.

Here’s another of Joop’s photos, taken the other day, NL: Meisjesogen (Coreopsis verticillata) Coreopsis,
There’s a beautiful, new, wild flower meadow in Frankendael. It is next to Restaurant de Kas and every time I pass it, there are different flowers coming in and out of their blooming period. At the moment, this edible flower is in bloom, there are hundreds of them to see there. Very pretty, I have never tasted itbut look forward to trying one soon. I love the Dutch name for this plant, it means Little girls eyes.