365 Frankendael

Willow woven pirate ships in Park Frankendael

Between 21st April 2012 and 20th April 2013, I ran a project on this blog to document the edible and medicinal herbs, growing in Amsterdam year-round. My aim was to raise awareness of the bounty of wild herbs which grow in urban spaces. I called the project 365 Frankendael because I live close to Park Frankendael in east Amsterdam and most of the photos were taken in that area. It was an interesting year with a massive learning curve! With the help of a few friends, I achieved my aim and there is now a catalogue of photos and comments on this site, to help foragers understand what is available locally (and in many other cities with this climate). One of my apprentices is now helping to organise all the 365 information into a more practical format but for now you can use the search box or click on the links below to get an idea of what can be found. If you would like more information please get in touch.

Here is a selection of what I’ve found and posted about:

Day 5 (25th April 2012)

Day 40 (30th May 2012)

Day 95 (27th July 2012)

Day 132 (30th August 2012)

Day 193 (30th October 2012)

Day 265 (10th January 2013)

Day 318 (4th March 2013)

Day 342 (28th March 2013)

Day 365 (20th April 2013)


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