May 21st – Urban Herbology Herb Walk

I’m pleased to announce another (and long overdue) Urban Herbology Wild Herb Walk in Amsterdam.  I’ll be running it on Monday 21st May 2012, from the main gates of Frankendael Park.  The walk will start at 11am and every one interested in finding out about wild herbs, which can be found in central Amsterdam, is welcome.

My previous walks have been great fun to organise and very well received.  We will take a relaxed look at the bounty of early summer herbs to be found in and around the park. The walk will last about 90 minutes and will probably end at the lovely cafe/restaurant Merkelbach, situated just inside the main entrance of the park. Cost per participant will be €8. Previous walks have been oversubscribed, it is essential that those wishing to join me book ahead. Please email or call me on 0627 596930.

During the walk I’ll share with you will…
Receive a useful handout, to refer to after the walk
Learn how to find and identify some safe, useful, local herbs,
Learn how to harvest with respect for the environment,
Learn how to use herbs safely in several different ways,
Receive some tastey Urban Herbal recipes.

And of course you will get the chance to meet other folk who like to know a little more about what’s growing beneath and above them!  If it sound interesting to you then please contact me.


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