Frankendael 365 day 22

A beautiful afternoon walk showed me the following herbs in particular…

Firstly A beautiful Broom shrub in full bloom. The flowers are edible.

Ivy, really looking more verdant and fresh that any other time of year.

The tall plant with orange yellow flowers against the bridge is a type of Euphorbia. All members of the family should be avoided as the white latex like sap is poisonous and contact with it readily causes quite severe photosensitive irritation. It is a plant well known to many gardeners for this reason and should be avoided by foragers.

The photo above shows a typical scene at the edge of Frankendael’s woodland. Edges are renowned for their productivity because both shelter, support and light are available to plants. Here we can see Yellow dead nettle, ferns, garlic mustard, Purple/red dead nettle, Greater celandine and other plants all nestled against one another.

Here is Wild Sorrel, a very tasty plant of which only a leaf or two are required to really add great flavour to many dishes and is well done for Sorrel Soup.

Lastly today, Ground ivy and stinging nettle, both on top form for foraging at present.


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