365 Frankendael day 65

Today has been busy, with a brief Lime Blossom meetup and a poorly cat being taken to the emergency clinic, so just a very brief post today…
Above is a photo of Hedge Woundwort (Stachys sylvatica). A member if the compare family, with very strongly smelling foliage which I have mentioned previously. It makes quite a good tea and can act as a digestive, I use it now and again to help digest rich meals but am not a big fan of the pungent angel. It was historically a wound herb, as the English name suggests. It can be made into a poultice, historically with vinegar and used to help reduce inflammation and speed wound healing. This plant grows plentifully on the waters edge in various parts of Park Frankendael. However, due to today’s cat adventure, the photo was taken at the shaded edge of a children’s playground, two blocks from the park.

Secondly a photo of an magnificent Carrot family plant called Hogweed, taken through the Animal Clinic window on Isolaterweg. I’ve seen this amazing plant in many city locations recently and want to mention it briefly today. Obviously I was more interested in my cat when I spotted this one so didn’t measure it or get my field guide out but it is most likely either the toxic, irritating Giant Hogweed/Wild Rhubarb or the closely related Common Hogweed which some foragers, not myself, are rather fond of eating. River Cottage country living guru, Hugh Fernley Wittingstall, apparently loves eating the young tender shoots. Look on the River Cottage website and forum for lots of ideas, if this plant interests you.


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