365 Frankendael day 142


Today I harvested Rose hips from the park and after dinner I’ll be setting up a big jar of Rose hip honey. They are just perfect, on many Rose shrubs, at present. Packed with Vitamin C, cold infusing them into honey is a good way to capture their healthy properties. If you try it, remember to deal with the itchy irritating pips, which reside in the hips.

Rosehip Honey Recipe
Simply slicing each hip in two and scooping out the pips and hairs is enough. I then pack then into a jam jar, pour in honey, to the brim, poke around with a chopstick to release taped air, top up with honey if necessary, seal the jar and leave for as long a you can stand!


Here’s Hawthorn, also perfectly ripe. I’ll set up a tincture for these I think.


Here’s Cherry Laurel. More on this another day. Perfectly ripe today, also.

It’s been a great day for harvesting! What have you been collecting and making?


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