Amsterdam Oogst at Tolhuistuin


Today I led a small group around the garden at the Tolhuistuin, just over the ferry in Amsterdam noord, by the floating globe. There’s a small festival going on there today, called Amsterdam Oogst, organised by Cities and hosting a local produce market, some mellow music, a herb walk from me, lots of lovely food and a very pretty, shady garden – prefect on this beautiful day!


So what did we find today? It’s quite an old garden with winding paths and mature trees and shrubs. We found lots of Elder, some Roses with beautiful ripe hips, Daisy, Lime trees (there are lots of interesting trees there), Hawthorn, Walnut, Plantain, Watercress which seems to have self seeded in a damp grass area, Feverfew and several other wonderful herbs.


The garden also has lots of interesting new things going on, such as this wall of bottle planters and an area of raised vegetable beds. There is also a plan to have an amazing mushroom forest there. I can’t wait to see it!


For those who came on the walk particularly, here’s a photo taken today in Park Frankendael of my little girl and a Comfrey plant. They are not an urban myth 😉



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