OTOPIA Street Herbs Walk

This coming Saturday, 15th September 2012, I’m offering two street herb walks out of the OTOPIA festival at OT301.  The walks are almost fully booked. If you would like to try to join, please see the meetup group or email me directly (lynn.shore@gmail.com).

For those who asked, here’s a few links and info about the venue and the festival itself.  I can’t find much about the day programme online so will contact the organisers for a link. I know the theme is about promoting alternative ways of living in the city – hence they asked for my walks. The day programme is free and my walks are €3 each for attendees (they are subsidised by the event organisers). The times are 1.30 and 3.30 pm. Each will last an hour and you’ll get a handout.

It’s a very raw, urban building that will greet you when you arrive at Overtoom 301. It’s used for lots of dance, music, theatre etc events. The walk will obviously be outside and will be along the streets. I won’t go into the Vondelpark as that’s too obvious; We’ll look at real street herbs, pavement gardens, plants growing up houses, in street cracks etc. If you bring a trowel I’m sure you’ll be able to get a free edible street plant or two, to pot up at home or relocate to a tree pit near you 🙂



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