Day 7 – UH foraging challenge


Pollinators certainly benefit from pavement gardens such as this one which is full with yellow broom and purple wallflower blossom. As mentioned yesterday,  clean wallflowers are edible and broom flowers are too. I like to infuse them in honey. Here’s a useful summary of the plants uses and note of its toxicity.

Here are a couple of gorgeous photos from our friend Peter in Belfast. The more I see of that city,  the more I want to visit!

Firstly,  Fumitory, Earth smoke. This plant has many historical uses. It can cause gastric distress in some people and is generally associated as a laxative,  cleanser,  aid in healing psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. To me,  it’s all about cleansing and preparing the way for fresh things to come. It makes a nice tincture and a couple of those tiny flowers sprinkled on food are very pleasant. But only when I find a hope swathe of the plant. Fumitory is a pretty plant friend from the poppy family as you’ll notice by examining the leaves. Quite a special appearance and texture.

Photo credit: Peter Warnock
Photo credit: Peter Warnock

Second, young oak leaves and flower clusters. So rarely noticed or foraged but far tastier than mature acorns! Peter makes Oak flower essence – a great use for the plant.  My partner visited central Spain recently and brought me back a packet of rather delicious acorn candies. A thoughtful gift! Something to recreate in Belfast perhaps Peter?

Photo credit: Peter Warnock
Photo credit: Peter Warnock




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