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Midsummer’s Day Herb Walk in Frankendael

Join me for another Urban Herbology Wild Herb Walk on, Tuesday 21st June, Summer Solstice 2011 at 11:00 13:30 (Please note, I have changed the time slightly)

The walk will be in Frankendael Park, Amsterdam, starting at the main (old) gate.

Handouts, including photos, notes and recipes, will be provided.

We will…
Take a relaxed look at useful wild herbs which are plentiful at this time of year.
Share ideas about how to use them in food.
Consider some of the herbal medicine uses.
Talk about some interesting herbal folklore.
Meet others who are interested in herb foraging in Amsterdam.

The walk itself will last for an hour or so and previously we have continued chatting over cups of herb tea and cake in Merkelbach restaurant, which sits within the park.

The cost for the walk is €5 per person.  Places are limited so please do contact me via email if you would like to attend.  The Urban Herbology www.meetup.com group can also be used to sign up for this.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone on Midsummer’s Day and having a relaxed look at some of the herbs which are currently available in this beautiful park.