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Urban Outsiders Exhibition at Huize Frankendael


I had an invitation to the launch evening, on Friday, of Urban Outsiders at Huize Frankendael. I managed a quick whizz around the exhibits just before the end of that event. It contains some really beautiful things, from a walk in Permaculture style caravan to illuminated flower pictures, to unusual herb photos to interesting branch sculpture. I’m far more earthy than arty but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back to have a slow look inside.


I recommend anyone interested in the melding of art and nature to visit Urban Outsiders, at Huize Frankendael by the 4th November. The agenda shows when the exhibition is teamed with other interesting events – such as a breakfast, guided tour and meal.


The three outside exhibits can be viewed for free but entry to the house (and I really enjoyed the chance to nose around in there!) is only €3.50 for adults (free for children).


I don’t know if the lady in I spoke to in Merkelbach will ever read this but here is one of those Jerusalem artichokes (NL: Aardpeer)

8th June 2012 Urbanherbology Walk – Park Frankendael

There is a lot of interest in wild plants at the moment. Perhaps because there is so much green around us, here in the city. To help more people appreciate some of the edible, medicinal and interesting herbs, growing within the city, I’m offering another Urban Herbology Walk, on Friday 8th May 2012, from the main gates of Frankendael Park.

The walk will start at 11am and every one interested in finding out about wild herbs, which can be found in central Amsterdam, is welcome to subscribe.

My previous walks have been great fun to organise and very well received.  We will take a relaxed look at the bounty of midsummer herbs to be found in and around the park. The walk will last about 90 minutes and will probably end at the lovely cafe/restaurant Merkelbach, situated just inside the main entrance of the park.

Cost per participant will be €8. Maximum 10 places. Previous walks have been oversubscribed, it is essential that those wishing to join me book ahead. Please email Lynn.Shore@gmail.com or call me on 0627 596930.

During the walk you will…
Receive a useful handout, to refer to after the walk
Learn how to find and identify some safe, useful, local herbs,
Learn how to harvest with respect for the environment,
Learn how to use herbs safely in several different ways,
Receive some tasty Urban Herbal recipes.

And of course you will get the chance to meet other folk who like to know a little more about what’s growing beneath and above them!  If it sounds interesting to you then please contact me.

Midsummer’s Day Herb Walk in Frankendael

Join me for another Urban Herbology Wild Herb Walk on, Tuesday 21st June, Summer Solstice 2011 at 11:00 13:30 (Please note, I have changed the time slightly)

The walk will be in Frankendael Park, Amsterdam, starting at the main (old) gate.

Handouts, including photos, notes and recipes, will be provided.

We will…
Take a relaxed look at useful wild herbs which are plentiful at this time of year.
Share ideas about how to use them in food.
Consider some of the herbal medicine uses.
Talk about some interesting herbal folklore.
Meet others who are interested in herb foraging in Amsterdam.

The walk itself will last for an hour or so and previously we have continued chatting over cups of herb tea and cake in Merkelbach restaurant, which sits within the park.

The cost for the walk is €5 per person.  Places are limited so please do contact me via email if you would like to attend.  The Urban Herbology www.meetup.com group can also be used to sign up for this.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone on Midsummer’s Day and having a relaxed look at some of the herbs which are currently available in this beautiful park.

Imbolc Herb Walk – Thank you!

Just a quick post to say thank you to everyone who came out on this chilly afternoon, to join me on the Frankendael herb walk.  It was lovely to share some of my favourite herbs with  you and also to learn from you.  We looked in some detail at nine herbs which are currently available and also spotted a few others which will be available soon. The herb tea and chat in Merkelbach afterwards also went down a treat!

Links to previous posts about a few of the herbs we looked at today:
Elder, Elderflower tea
Sweet cicely
Birch oil – how to make cold infused oils
Wild rocket
Rosehip syrup recipes

I will be organising another urban herb walk in March and also a lotions and potions workshop sometime soon. More details to follow…