Urban Outsiders Exhibition at Huize Frankendael


I had an invitation to the launch evening, on Friday, of Urban Outsiders at Huize Frankendael. I managed a quick whizz around the exhibits just before the end of that event. It contains some really beautiful things, from a walk in Permaculture style caravan to illuminated flower pictures, to unusual herb photos to interesting branch sculpture. I’m far more earthy than arty but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back to have a slow look inside.


I recommend anyone interested in the melding of art and nature to visit Urban Outsiders, at Huize Frankendael by the 4th November. The agenda shows when the exhibition is teamed with other interesting events – such as a breakfast, guided tour and meal.


The three outside exhibits can be viewed for free but entry to the house (and I really enjoyed the chance to nose around in there!) is only €3.50 for adults (free for children).


I don’t know if the lady in I spoke to in Merkelbach will ever read this but here is one of those Jerusalem artichokes (NL: Aardpeer)


3 thoughts on “Urban Outsiders Exhibition at Huize Frankendael

  1. What a beautiful formal garden. I am just about to transplant some jerusalem artichokes from my daughters rampant garden in town and let them run amok on Serendipity Farm. I figure that in our dry climate (we don’t get much rain over summer) we need to cover the ground with as much mulch (living or otherwise) as we can and plants that will grow exponentially are a great way to start! Cheers for the lovely post


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