Thank you!

Many thanks to the lovely people who came out for my second Midsummer Herb Walk, this morning in Frankendael Park.  Yet again, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing information about some of my favourite herbs and as ever I learnt lots of new things from fellow urban herbies.

We found and talked about several herbs which were not on the handouts. Here are a few photos and names to help you learn more about them. If I have forgotten any and you need the details please let me know…

Motherwort (NL: Hartgespan)
Leonurus cardiaca

Feverfew (NL: Moederkruid)
Generally known by the botanical name Tanacetum parthenium

Cleavers (NL: Kleefkruid)
Galium aparine
How to make the juice

Mullein (NL: Koningskaars)
(Verbascum thapsus) – a beautiful “wooly” specimen (as generally used in US and seen in most of the herbals) is currently growing outside the entrance of the Netherlands National Funeral Museum (Tot Zover), within Oostergraafsplaats – next stop out of town on number 9 tram.  We looked at Moth Mullein (Verbascum battaria); not wooly, smaller.  Photo and details of the herb are on the handout.

Comfrey (NL: Smeerwortel)
Symphytum officinale

Wormwood (NL: Absint-alsem) – the feathery one which I brought along from my geveltuin.
Artemisia absinthium